Table of Contents. Chapter 1. StarUML Overview. What is StarUML; Key Features ; System Requirements. Chapter 2. Basic Concepts. Model, view and diagram. If you have StarUML V1 model files .uml), you can import by selecting File | Import | StarUML 1 File .uml). . Note: Deleting View Elements do not delete Model Elements. Uninstall extension of old version manually. 2. StarUML™ is a software modeling platform that supports UML (Unified .. Unlike units, model fragments are not referenced by other files and do not order to delete an imported framework, you have to delete all the related units manually.

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Makes navigable association relationship from target element to the current element. If a model element is copied, it has to be pasted under a model element. Compatible with UML 2. Cloning a Template You can start to define a template by cloning an existing template without defining from the scratch. It is a direct expression of the Interaction, which is a set of the messages exchanged between the ClassifierRoles within a Collaboration.

Using Batch, a large amount of artifacts can be generated without waiting so you can take a rest. The stereotype name can be a stereotype defined in the UML profile or can be a simple name that is not pre-defined. For example, names of the classes within a package must all be unique. If you want to generate a set of artifacts at once, you can make a batch that used to generate a set of artifacts and can run the batch without selecting a set of templates.

Output path that the user selected.

The default diagram is automatically opened when opening the project. If there is no target model name, generate new appropriate model elements and the relationship. Constraints are regulations applied to elements. Composite Structure Diagram is a diagram to express internal structure of Classifier.


G# StarUML Plug-in Online Manual

Many model validation rules are defined and checked asynchronously whenever you save or open your model files. The aligned model is only shown by model navigator, the order among real models are not modified.

Collaboration Diagram expresses the collaboration between instances. The following expression formats are available. Creating Element in Diagram In order to create a new starjml in a diagram, a diagram must be opened first. Specify whether to remain the comment used for generation or to delete it.

Model-Driven Development Modeling data are stored in a very simple JSON format, so it can be used easily to generate custom codes by user-defined templates mdgen. The target element linking with the current element makes a starum of association. Diagrams can be saved as image files.

Copy and Paste When copying or cutting elements for pasting, a clear distinction has to be made between model elements and view elements. Model elements can be moved so as to be placed under other elements, such as by moving a class to be placed under another package or moving an attribute to be placed under another class. Fork one and make your own.

Diagrams can be exported to PDF for clean printing with printing options like page layout and sizes. Copying and pasting may also be restricted depending on the view element types and diagram types. Approach related to manula template. There is no restriction to name a category but to stqruml a set of template, starujl the same category name for the set of templates. Makes sub-stimulus with return goes from target element in current stimulus.


Elements such as Attribute, Operation, Enumeration Literal which is expressing in Collection editor can be modified their order in Collection editor. In order to sort models, click [Align as saving order] or [Align as Alphabetical order].

If any, specify all related files to the template. This function is useful for navigating over a short distance. Closing a diagram does not delete it. The user can configure these literals to be shown or suppressed.

Indicates multiple elements editable through the collection editor.

Chapter 8. Generating Codes and Documents

The relationship-notation of shortcut generation syntax to be used in each diagram is as follows: Fast Modeling Supports many shorthands in Quick Edit to create elements and relationships at once such as sub-classes, supporting interfaces, etc. StarUML 3 A sophisticated software modeler for agile and concise modeling.

Makes transition relationship from target element Decision to the current element. Dark and Light Themes Support light and darks themes, so you can choose a theme more comfortable.

Chapter 4. Modeling with StarUML

If you want to write your own template for codes or documents, please refer to Developer Guides. In general, one template matches one folder and the folder contains all files associated to the template. Specify filename of user-defined translator. Model elements can sraruml moved to be placed only under elements that can contain model elements. The basic rule of the shortcut generation syntax is as follows.