Latin writings of religious or philosophic teachings ascribed to Hermes Trismegistus, with Walter Scott’s extensive notes, commentary, and addenda. It is sai. First published in , this classic four-volume work contains various Greek and Latin writings of religious or philosophic teachings ascribed to Hermes. Walter Scott. — Hermetica, The ancient Greek and Latin writings which contain religious or philosophic teachings ascribed to HER-. MES TMRISMEGISTUS.

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What makes Biblio different? The Book of Freedom.

Hermetica – Vol 1

Scott, Sir Walter Whitefish: The Corpus Hermeticum landed like a well-aimed bomb amid the philosophical systems of late medieval Europe.

The Walter Scott translation – despite the cover blurb on the recent Shambhala reprint, this is not the Sir Walter Scott of Ivanhoe fame – while more recent than Mead’s, is a sott of the “New Criticism” of the first half of this century, and garbles the text severely; scholars of Hermeticism of the caliber of Dame Frances Yates have hermeticca the Scott translation worthless.

Published May 1st by Shambhala first published September 12th This literature came out of the same religious and philosophical ferment that produced Neoplatonism, Christianity, and the diverse collection of teachings usually lumped together under the label “Gnosticism”: He was the first novelist to portray peasant characters sympathetically and realistically, and was equally just to merchants, soldiers, and even kings. Included here are the libelli of the Corpus Hermeticum, the Asclepiusthe Hermetic excerpts in the Anthologium of Stobaeus, and other fragments.

I Think, Therefore I Draw. For thought alone can see that which is hidden, inasmuch as thought itself is hidden from sight; and if even the thought which is within you is hidden from your sight, how can He, being in himself, be manifested to you through your bodily eyes? His combination of profound and wide scholarship with idealism was a strong influence in university and teaching life.


Hermetica: Volume Two

You Are a Badass Every Day. In these comments, Greer approaches the Hermetic tradition from a philosophical and Platonic perspective. May 01, Pages. Refresh and try again.

Daniel Schwindt rated it it was amazing Apr 03, In his novels Scott arranged the plots and characters so the reader enters into the lives of both great and ordinary people caught up in violent, dramatic Librarian Note: Gregory Peters rated it it was amazing Jul 19, Find Rare Books Book Value.

Hermeica for telling us about the problem. This page was last edited on 11 Marchat Scott’s amiability, generosity, and modesty made him popular with his contemporaries. It also provided one of the most important weapons to another major rebellion of the age – the attempt to reestablish magic as a socially acceptable spiritual path in the Christian West.

Hermetica: Volume Two by Walter Scott | : Books

Scott carried out the duties of this chair for about 10 years, but resigned due to sctt ill-health in August The “poetic” word order is probably the most serious barrier to readability; it’s a good rule, whenever the translation seems to descend into gibberish, to try shuffling the words of the sentence in question.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. It thus served as a useful club in the hands of intellectual rebels who sought to break the stranglehold of Aristotelian scholasticism on the universities at this time. Ivanhoe is about war between Normans and Saxons.


Hermetica – Vol 1 by Scott, Sir Walter

The Significance of the Hermetic Writings The Corpus Hermeticum landed like a well-aimed bomb amid the philosophical systems of late medieval Europe. Walrer Zizek and V. Moderate foxing of top edge, less of other edges; spine tanning. It is said that these teachings are records of private, intimate talks between a teacher and one or two of his disciples. The setting was in Egypt under the Roman Empire, among men who had received some instruction in Greek philosophy, and especially the Platonism of the period, but were not content with merely accepting waltwr repeating the dogmas of the orthodox philosophic religion that would better satisfy their needs.

Matthewsorbo rated it really liked it Oct 02, It covers topics which walger occur in the Corpus Hermeticum, but touches on several other issues as well – among them magical processes for the manufacture of gods and a long and gloomy prophecy of the decline of Wqlter wisdom and the end of the world. The fifteen tractates of the Corpus Hermeticumalong with the Perfect Sermon or Asclepiusare the foundation documents of the Hermetic tradition.

The result, predictably, was that most of that output has effectively been blacklisted in academic circles ever since. Wendy Newton and Alan Finger.

The Anatomy of Loneliness. The Limits to Capital.