تعايش الأديان بالجزائر مسيحيون يعيشون في سلم وسلام منذ اكثر من80 سنة بالأبيض سيدي الشيخ. Journal elDjoumhouria uploaded a video 2 months ago. 2 El Djoumhouria is a daily newspaper published six times a weeks (from Saturday to Thursday) in Oran, Algeria. It was established by Pierre Lafont as a French. 6, avenue Ibn Bensenouci Hamida Oran Algeria. FIND PROSPECTS EASILY Gain access to a list of prospect companies (and their executives) with.

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Help with expert advice. The term preceded the reference to smaller sheet newspapers that contained the condensed stories, a tabloid is defined as roughly 17 by 11 inches and commonly half the size of a broadsheet.

Santa Cruz is Spanish for ” holy cross “. Description Key figures Executives Activities.

The action increased the hatred of the Vichy regime for Britain but convinced the world that the British would fight on alone against Nazi Germany, the Vichy government held Oran during World War II until its capture by the Allies in lateduring Operation Torch. These features are evidence of descent from a hypothetical ancestor. This is a way to avoid duplicating the expense of reporting from around the world, circathere were approximately 6, daily newspaper titles in the world selling million print copies a day.

The total population of the city wasinthe name Wahran is derived from the Berber word uharan that means two lions. You might also like.

General-interest newspapers typically publish news articles and feature articles on national and international news as well as local news, typically the paper is divided into sections for each of those major groupings.


The distinction is largely of editorial style, both red top and compact tabloids span the width of the spectrum from socialism to capitalist conservatism. There is no standard size for this newspaper format, the term tabloid journalism refers journak an emphasis on such topics as sensational crime stories, astrology, celebrity gossip and television, and is not a reference to newspapers printed in this format.

A second, by owner and editor Elias Murr inwas halted when an assassination attempt left Murr with serious injuries. According to OPEC Algeria has the 16th largest oil reserves in the world, Sonatrach, the national oil company, is the largest company in Africa. In the region of Ain Hanech, early remnants of hominid occupation eo North Africa were found, neanderthal tool makers produced hand axes in the Levalloisian and Mousterian styles similar to those in the Levant.

Tabloid newspaper format — A tabloid is a newspaper with a compact page size smaller than broadsheet.

El Djoumhouria

The two formal varieties are grouped together as Literary Arabic, which is the language of 26 states. In Julyafter a ejoumhouria and accords with France, a mob attacked pied-noir neighborhoods and massacred thousands of Europeans in Oran, have been said to have disappeared.

The circulation of the daily in wascopies, the circulation of the djoumhouroa wascopies. Retrieved from ” https: Newspaper [videos] A newspaper is a periodical publication containing written information about current events. Newspaper — A newspaper djoumhourria a serial publication containing news about current events, other informative articles about politics, sports, arts, and so on, and advertising.

Its release was accompanied by a significant advertising campaign featuring the papers motto, the djounhouria is organized into sections, Local and international news, business, arts, science, health, style, culture, sports, technology, and religion, over 32 color pages.


Arabic is a Central Semitic language, closely related to the Northwest Semitic languages, the Ancient South Arabian languages, the Semitic languages changed a great deal between Proto-Semitic and the establishment of the Central Semitic languages, particularly in grammar.

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Business tools and solutions designed for the global marketplace. The amalgam of peoples of North Africa coalesced eventually into a native population that came to be called Berbers. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. British tabloids top two rowsJuly 5, Abdelaziz Bouteflika has been President sinceBerbers are the indigenous inhabitants of Algeria. With an area of 2, square kilometres, Algeria is the tenth-largest country in the world, the country is a semi-presidential republic consisting of 48 provinces and 1, communes.

Newspapers are typically published daily or weekly, News magazines are also weekly, but they have a magazine format.

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In fact, most compact tabloids formerly used the paper size. Spain recaptured the city inhowever, its value as a trading post had decreased greatly, so King Charles IV sold the city to the Turks in Init became an all-Arabic daily.

During the Roman empire, a settlement called Unica Colonia existed in the area of current Oran. Innovations of the Central Semitic languages—all maintained in Arabic—include, The conversion of the suffix-conjugated stative formation into a past tense, the conversion of the prefix-conjugated preterite-tense formation into a present tense.