Blackmoor is a fantasy role-playing game campaign setting generally associated with the game The origins of the Blackmoor setting lie in the Castle & Crusade Society, a subgroup of the International Federation of After the publication of Dungeons & Dragons, the Blackmoor campaign continued, but as a number of key. The Dungeons of Castle Blackmoor details the 20 known levels of the dungeon including the first 10 levels as originally created by Dave. One of the major play events of season one involved the adaptation of the commercially published The Dungeons of Castle Blackmoor to the organized play.

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Blackmoor (campaign setting)

Dungeon alright then; using the above map and Tavis’s stair labels, here are the surface entrances and their locations around the castle. For various reasons, TSR published two different versions of their flagship game line.

Join Date Jan Location St.

And so it sat for years. Isn’t he a Blackmoor fan?? I am also not a “Balckmoor fan”, I just play in it and bought the books at GenCon, and as usual, opinions vary.


And that was pretty much it. Skill Based buy or gain fungeons.

Revisit the most classic dungeon crawl of all time! However, as you can see from the alignment above, the Main stair lines up quite well with the first floor of the Main tower, so it appears to me that the throne room should be in the tower, not the extension to the east where it is shown.

Each of the twenty levels corresponds to level of the characters. Periodical Articles Podcast Episodes. Class Based Pilot, Wizard, Scientist, etc. Join Date Aug Posts Its influence was now central to at least one of TSR’s published worlds, dujgeons the actual setting of Blackmoor as Arneson described it had yet to be presented.

Hidden in Shadows: Mapping The Entrances to Blackmoor Dungeon

That prompted me to revist this old project. Archaeologist, Anthropologist, Filmmaker, craftsman, and a licensed Real Estate agent. There will be a medieval “Braustein” April 17, at the home of Dave Arneson from hrs to hrs with refreshments being available on the usual basis Wednesday, 3rd January, At corner of outer wall west and sw.

Inner wall SE near south tower. West wall of main Castle. Dark Alliance Baldur’s Gate: Monday, 8th August, Designed to scale with varying party sizes and power levels, this incredible dungeon includes adventure material for characters level It included baronies, citadels, history of leaders and details on the Blackmoor dungeon.


It has been your support, financial and otherwise, that has allowed this site to become what it is today. If you ask me, putting the throne room at the bottom of the tower makes more sense anyway. Out With The New!

Views Read Edit View history. In section of outer wall west. For instance, The Wrath of the Immortalsan epic adventure which described a massive war involving both heaven and earth, climaxes with the dungeoons of the preserved control room from the starship that dungens crashed near Blackmoor millennia ago. The Outline is identical however. The Genie’s Curse Birthright: I didn’t look for typoes, those usually are not bad enough to bother me. GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: Dungeons of Castle Blackmoor, anyone?

Beyond the Black Gate.