“Dear John Wayne”: Louise Erdrich and Sherman Alexie Louise Erdrich, “Dear John Wayne” (Prentice-Hall) Sherman Alexie Reading “Dear John Wayne”. A native American, Sherman Alexie was raised on a reservation, One of his short stories, “Dear John Wayne”, describes a fantasy affair the. “The Toughest Indian in the World” by Sherman Alexie the year-old Spokane Indian star of “Dear John Wayne,” the most crowd-pleasing.

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It’s not a bad collection — far from it — but it’s different enough from what I was expecting that I couldn’t quite overcome that expectation. Alexie certainly did not inspire me or ennoble me with this particular work, and so I cannot recommend it as a good read.

Aside jonh the direct reference to John Wayne, I looked at the mosquitoes as perhaps symbolizing the white men that were relentless in their pursuit of Indians and the land that belonged to them.

The story is so delicate that it reminds me of that great last story that closes The Dublinersthe beautiful and perfect “The Dead. Notify me of new comments via email. He visits every month. Although the anthropologist is always visiting or researching some aspect of Indianness, he or she is always on the outside of the community studied. It is not surprising then that the shermsn describes the earth as a great protector of the Native Americans.

I will read more of his books in the future because I respect him as a rare modern voice of an extremely ignored and misunderstood minority. They each made a conscious decision to marry a fellow native American.

My feelings are my feelings, said Salmon Boy, they belong to me, and you don’t have to worry about them at all. Often the characters are looking for lost love and find it where they lost it. The text literally includes the song she is singing instead of just saying she sings and ending the story. This is a collection of short stories about modern day American Indians. Jul 08, Barbara rated it really liked it. To which dea would he be responsible- the fictitious set of rules that govern the community of anthropologists who write about and interview Natives or to the highly personal debt he had to Etta for revealing to him such an intimate story about her love life with John Wayne?


Both writers express Native American issues, in the past and present, and both pointing out the flaws and how victimized the Indians were by the whites around them. The poem was through the experience of John Wayne to express the idea of land belonging to everyone, rather than a person. Alexie has tried to redress the balance by writing screenplays for Smoke Shsrman and The Business of Fancydancing, which he also directed.

They are the rock’n’roll stars of the Catholic church. The gender role played a part in it, but also the fact that she was native american was even bigger. Alexie and Erdrich both addressed their issues in shfrman sensible, yet home-hitting ways.

Alexie takes every chance and then some: The stories depicting tension between white and Indian characters are often uncomfortable to read, but interesting.

But Evan Adams, who acted in both films, argues that “Sherman has managed to almost single-handedly dismantle the popular and populist image of the American Indian. They both depict the hardship of american indians by showing the aggression and invasion of whites. This of course isn’t to say the book is entirely of love stories though sex is frequently featured but more about the ties that bind.

The collection’s best pieces don’t seek to impress with their narrative form; they allow the characters to serve as the stories’ main attractions and seem content to showcase the characters themselves. For instance, Etta is always already an expert on Indian culture from the point of view of the anthropologist interrogating her about her life and culture, jonn from her own point of view, she is not even regarded as an expert joh her community on Native traditions and culture.

I think they rank right up there with some of the best I’ve read, including Etgar Keret, Dubus, ddar Hemingway. As the father in “Toughest Indian” tells his son: Indians just like to believe that white people will vanish, perhaps explode into smoke, if they are ignored enough times.

The blanket is a xear part of Native American waynne. This actually indicates tragic alcoholism common on Indian reservations at that time. Erdrich uses very colorful and visual language to aide our imagination with this legend!

The Toughest Indian in the World by Sherman Alexie

Even if the bulk of the story deals with real down-to-Earth situations, the end of the tale helps reinforce the mysterious nature of storytelling: The best example of this is the story of the birth of his tribe. It also focuses on the exploitation of The Native American people. Edrich focuses on the stereotypes of both the Natives and the settlers. Part of the reason [I attend irregularly] is that I get recognised at church and it can hardly be a sacred experience when people are whispering about you.

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I think that is a really cool literary thing to do. Sherman Alexie really kicks ass, doesn’t he? This is another reason why whites had the upper hand taking over the Indians. However, I believe that Erdrich focuses more on the main issue at hand, the whites coming in and taking over.

Alexie’s fiction seems to contain a great deal of autobiographical material, and I like to believe more of it is based on his experiences than is probably so.

Sherman Alexie, Dear John Wayne (from The Toughest Indian in the World) () – Seeing is Reading

He seems very good at hiding the hurt beneath a lighthearted cover. Both poets allow the audience to vividly imagine the dark scenes, miserable situation, and the cruelty of the white by using the dark tone in the poems.

Zhaoshen Huang I like how you show the difference between the use of the crow and raven as symbols of different groups of people. I really have to wonder about that.

And we will be going to war in Iraq soon because we think we have special knowledge – and we don’t. I like how he creates characters that sometimes overlap into his other stories, they are like old friends, even like family.

The Toughest Indian in the World

It was one remark that actually led Etta to become infatuated with Wayne. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want der read. It’s the only one I re-read. The ancestor voice is emphasized throughout his writing.

Despite the underdeveloped stories in “The Toughest Indian in the World,” many exhibit Alexie’s ability to reconcile characters’ harshly practical outlooks with their secret, outsized dreams.