Familia: Ariidae Genus: Cathorops Species: Cathorops melanopus. Name[edit]. Cathorops melanopus (Günther, ). Cat-eLog Data Sheet. Scientific Name, Cathorops melanopus (Günther, ). Common Name, Dark Sea Catfish. Type Locality, Río Motagua. Kingdom: Animalia. Taxonomic Rank: Species. Synonym(s). Common Name(s): dark sea catfish [English]. bagre prieto [Spanish]. Taxonomic Status.

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Females with longer and broader accessory tooth plates, males with accessory plates more distant from one another and covered by epithelial tissue Fig.

Filogenia de los bagres marinos Siluriformes: Anal fin high and short at base, with 21 rays. Arius hypophthalmus Steindachner Body deeper in females than in males. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Snout short, rounded on transverse section.

Galeichthys aguadulce Meek, Cathorops Cathorops belizensisnew species Figs. Lateral and mesial surfaces of first and second gill arches without fleshy papillae intercalated with the gill rakers Fig. Sex of specimens was determined by examination of the gonad morphology under magnification gonads of C.

Cathorops kailolae is further distinguished from C. Spike shaped gill rakers on second arch 196 or 7 6 on upper limb, 11 to 13 13 on lower limb. Hildebrand; UF1, Cathorops belizensis is distinguished from all congeners by having gill rakers on first arch vs.


Soft dorsal-fin rays 7. Snout relatively long, rounded on transverse section. Body with same dark brown coloration on dorsal portion, progressively lighter towards lateral line and light cream under lateral line. Cephalic shield with very few granules Fig.

Nuchal plate crescent-shaped, moderate in size. Pectoral-fin and dorsal-fin spines, pelvic fin, and upper lobe of caudal fin longer in females than in males. Supraoccipital process relatively long and narrow on posterior portion, profile straight.

Anal fin high and relatively long at base, with 19 rays. More material examination is required to determine whether the populations reported by Miller et al. Cathorops belizensis is additionally distinguished from C. Maxillary barbel surpassing base of pectoral-fin spine, external mental barbel surpassing margin of gill membrane, internal mental barbel reaching margin of gill membrane.

USNM9 8, Acicular gill rakers on first arch 206 or 7 6 on upper limb, 12 to 14 14 on lower limb. A preliminary study of the life history and habits of Kanduli Arius sp.

Pelvic fin high, with 6 rays.

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Sex of specimens was not examined see Material and Methods. Dorsal-fin spine relatively short, longer than pectoral-fin spine; anterior margin smooth; posterior margin serrated cafhorops almost its entire length. One pair of small, narrow and elongated accessory tooth plates, quite distant from one another. Views Read Edit View history. ECO-SC1, Interorbital distance and distance between nostrils and orbit short.


Dark sea catfish – Wikipedia

Nuchal plate crescent-shaped and moderate in size. Vomerine tooth plates absent. Key to the species of Cathorops from the Mesoamerica and Cathoeops Sea 1. Check list of the freshwater fishes of South and Central America.

Cathprops barbel dark, mental barbels light; adipose fin dark, and other fins brown. University of Florida Press, Gainesville, p. Accessory tooth plates longer and broader in females than in males Fig. Consequently, additional dimorphic features associated to head size in males of Cathoropscould represent an adaptation to compensate for the smaller body lengths, allowing a relative increase of the branchial chamber.

The characters used to diagnose A. They considered the differences to be individual variations without specific value or probably errors in counting number of rays and gill rakers. Cathorops melanpous is further distinguished from C. Cathorops belizensis is further distinguished from C. Articles with ‘species’ microformats All stub articles.

Cathorops melanopus

Premaxilla relatively short and quite narrow. Pelvic fin and supraoccipital process longer in females than in males. This species is named on behalf of Dr.