Asteracantha longifolia (L.) Nees, Acanthaceae: química, usos tradicionais e medicinais e suas atividades farmacológicas – uma revisão. The aim of the present study was to study the effect of seeds of Asteracantha longifolia on the sexual behaviour of male albino rats. The ethanolic extract of. Anaemia is a common nutritional disorder, mainly caused by iron deficiency. Asteracantha longifolia Nees (Family. Acanthaceae) is a source of the ayurvedic .

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The solution of 0. Results of assay of Lupeol in Asteracantha longifolia Nees. Pharmacognostic studies Plants having spines, having perennial root stocks; bluish-purple 2-lipped flower; leaves – sessile, multichambered thick-walled sclerotic cell, among the epidermal cells of midrib, large flat bunch-shaped calcium carbonate crystals and needle-shaped calcium oxalate crystals in the epidermal cells of lamina and in the cortical cells of midrib respectively; stomata-caryophyllaceous; stomatal index on upper surface: The HPTLC technique thus developed demonstrates variations in phytochemical markers which help to identify the difference in phytochemical constituents due to the geographical region of collection and due to the constituent part of the longifokia in medicinal plant raw material.


Petroleum ether extract of root from A. Taste of Asteracantha Longifolia. Distinctive phytochemical variations have also been demonstrated in the whole plant powder sourced from various geographical regions of India.

Chemical examination of Asteracantha longifolia. Phytochemical studies The phytochemical investigation of the A.

Effect of Asteracantha longifolia seeds on the sexual behaviour of male rats.

Singh A, Handa SS Then only we would be able to recommend the dosage to you. Indian J Pharma Sci Do regular exercise or brisk walk for 20 minutes. And how much quantity.

Daily have an apple. Drink it daily for about a month.

BhavprakashMotilal banarsidas, Varanasi. Hygrophila longifolia, Barleria auriculata, Barleria spinosa, Ikshura, Ikshugandha, Hygrophila spinosa, Hygrophila auriculata, Kokilaaksha, Talimakhana, gokulakanta, marsh barbel. Haematinic effect of Hygrophila spinosa T. The seeds are acrid, bitter, aphrodisiac, tonic, sedative, used for diseases of the blood.

You may also take Sweet Wormwood tea, one cup for a week. So, please let us know the disease you wish to use this herb for. What quantities did asgeracantha mixmention the amount of each herb.

There is currently not enough information available at this moment in time to recommend an oral dose of any medicinal component of this herb. Oral ingestion of the water extract has failed to modify gluconeogenesis in the rat liver following an oral glucose tolerance test.


Yes, the herb is very much useful to cure Kidney and Liver Diseases. Not more than Repeat the process asteracanntha every 3 days for 3 weeks. Me and my friends have tried this. Pattanayak SP, Sunita P Black Cumin Kalonji is another herb which will help.

The best herb for constipation is Triphala.

Rasayana is the special category of the drugs of Indian longifolka of medicine Ayurveda. In anemic male albino rats, the extract significantly increased haemoglobin, haematocrit and RBC count Gomes et al. Anderson on experimental rodents.

Asteracantha Longifolia Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

How to longioflia this article: Along with this take Saffron tincture every day. Asteracantha longifolia synonymous with quite a few other plant and traditional names is a traditional Indian medicine that is reported to be beneficial against glucose disturbances Diabetes and against liver problems; in addition to these two therapeutic claims, it is reported to be a diuretic and an aphrodisiac.

Some supplements can have an lonbifolia effect, others have a decreasing effect, and others have no effect.