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The unique sanctity and power of Arunachala -kshetra was once confirmed by an incident that happened in the life of Sri Bhagavan. Its rippling waters are the Ganges, flowing through our Lord’s matted locks.

Sections of this page. Wednesday, June 4, The Greatness of Arunachala.

This fact is confirmed in verse seventy of Aksharamanamalai in which Sri Bhagavan sings, ‘O Arunachala, the very moment I arunachalla of your name, you caught me and drew me to yourself. That [Arunachala] is verily the holy place [ sthala ]. Here base people who intend harm to others will perish by being afflicted with many diseases, and the power of the wicked will be lost in a second without leaving a trace.

The power of the name Arunachala was once directly confirmed by Sri Bhagavan. It could be seen from the outside of the bundle that there were some books in it.

In the first verse of Sri Arunachala Aksharamanamalai The Marital Garland of Letters he sings, ‘O Arunachala, you root out the ego of those who think of you in the heart as ”Arunachala”’. But can you like one of the greatest and alive translator and devotee of Ramana, give some tips for help us to keep this feelig of “I”?

That was during the early days of my stay at the Virupaksha cave. Aruunachala Lingam – the eight temples around the hill Throughout the year, pilgrims engage in a practise called giri valam circumbulation of Annamalaiyar temple and Annamalai hill 14 km in circumferenceconsidered to be a simple and effective form of yoga.


The Power of Arunachala – by Michael James

Newer Post Older Post Home. Of all holy places it is the most sacred! In that mahatmmyam the Lord ever abides the hill of light named Arunachala. If by way of Pradakshina you walk one step it gives happiness in this world, two steps, it arunachaoa happiness in heaven, three steps, it gives bliss of Satyaloka which can be attained.


When the divine virtue of humility is necessary even for the Mahahmyam Lord, who is totally arunadhala, is it necessary to emphasise that it is absolutely indispensable for sadhus who do not have such independence? Can you post a topic about how to “do” vichara. Sri Bhagavan then graciously composed the following verse in the same metre. This is why Sri Bhagavan says in the second line of the third verse of Ashtakam’If ,ahatmyam tries to think of your nature as formless, he is like one who wanders throughout the world to see the sky’.

In a certain devotee came to him from Bombay, and with him he brought a notebook in which he had written the name ‘Arunachala Siva’ many thousands of times. As soon as he went away, why, I do not know, but I felt like opening that bundle and seeing the books.

I am anxious to include you in the line of our Gurus. Since attaining greatness is impossible for anyone except by humility, all the disciplines of conduct such as yama and niyamawhich are prescribed specifically for aspirants on the spiritual path, have as their aim only the attainment of humility.

Thus in this verse Sri Bhagavan reveals how the thought of Arunachala works within the mind to arrest its activities, to attract its attention towards Self and thereby to make it still. It does not matter if you have not understood the final import of the peerless four Vedas ; it does not matter if you have not practised any of the four yogas glorified by the people of the world; it does not matter nahatmyam you have not worshipped Lord Vishnu or Lord Siva; mahahmyam does not matter if you have not praised Devi, Ganapati or Subramanya.

In the same manner, in the second verse of Sri Arunachala Navamanimalai Sri Bhagavan has explained the meaning of each syllable in the name Arunachala afunachala he has declared that mere thought of this name will bestow liberation. About Me View my complete profile. Your David Godman explanation of vichara is unique, so simple and direct.

Arunachala Mahatmyam (Kannada)

Because of this, humility is especially extolled by sadhus themselves as the code of conduct befitting them. It is indeed the Abode of Lord Siva. Narasimha Bharathi felt very sorry for what his disciples had done, and told them to stop all further efforts in that direction. So long as we feel the name and form of our body to be ‘I’, we cannot conceive God as being anything but a name and form. There are eight lingams located at the eight directions and provides an octagonal structure to Thiruvannamalai Town.


But to those few who seek jnanaArunachala always makes itself known through some means or other. Humility is indeed the hallmark of the destruction of the ego. I have seen a wonder, a magnetic hill that forcibly attracts the soul.

After reading out a few other portions of this book that emphasized the unique greatness and power of Arunachala, Mahat,yam Bhagavan finally laid it aside and explained to the devotee that not everyone can see Chidambaram, not everyone can be born in Tiruvarur, and not everyone can die in Kasi, but anyone and everyone can think of Arunachala from wherever they may be, and thereby mahafmyam will surely attain liberation.

The ancient day on which He [Lord Siva] assumed the form of Arunachala, the original, great and wonderful lingam [which first rose as a column of light], was Adirai in Margazhi. Welcome I propose to use this blog primarily to air my occasional musings on any matters relating to the life and teachings of Ramana Maharshi.

In the same way, many people tried to convert me to their path. In that place the Lord ever abides the hill of light arrunachala Arunachala. What a wonder is this! It is an ancient practice.

It is the storehouse of all other virtues and is therefore extolled as the wealth of divine grace. In this verse he says: Articles and interviews on these topics can also be found on my site: O souls, be saved by thinking of this great Arunagiri, which shines in the mind as the destroyer of the soul [the ego]. This verse was composed on Monday 14th March, Bhagavan then turned to the revolving bookcase by his side and took out a book,probably the Arunachala Mahatmyam.

Garland of Hymns to Arunachala.

Posted by David Godman at 7: When Sri Bhagavan replied that he had not, the devotee began to describe the greatness of Chidambaram, saying that it was the most sacred Siva- kshetra in South India, that so many saints and sages had lived there and had sung in praise of Arunnachala Nataraja, and so on and arunachwla forth. Email or Phone Password Forgot account?

This verse was composed by Bhagavan on Tuesday 13th July, It is his heart-abode, a secret kshetra.