AMAL was a British engineering company servicing the motorcycle and other light-engineering motor industries between and based in Birmingham . Amal Carburettors, spares and associated products aimed at anyone with a classic motorcycle. Shopping. Accessory Shop · Parts Book Online · Amal Carburettors · Used Parts and Bikes · Special Offers · Information · News · Photo Gallery · Technical Notes.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! To confuse things a little more Amal describe their products as Amal Carburetters.

Amal Carburettor (Parts)

And the Atlantic ocean has a say in how you spell carburettor too! Stainless Front Brake Kit. Carb will need rebuilt before using. Website Designed and Developed by Innovative Carbutettor.

Left or right sided carburettors could be produced from basically the same die-casting, and the design was compatible with up to 40 degrees of downdraught. Under Grosvenor some of the most popular obsolete ranges were remanufactured.


If you are having trouble finding a specific part please contact us with your requirements. A – Mudguard Screw Front.

Y – Rear Mudguard Extender Bolt. Show 12 24 36 All per page.

The manifold is machined to intake-port size about 28mmbut s would work fine and the intake sid Show as Large Table View. A – Mudguard Stay Bolt Front. These will now be sold under the Motoplas name “. T – Front Caliper to Folk Bolt. The type carburettor is, in virtually all aspects, identical to the 76 version, except that the main emulsion air is drawn from inside the air intake carbufettor filter whilst the 76 carburettor uses unfiltered air.

The main carburettor types commonly associated with Amal are slide carburettors for motorcycles.

Monobloc Series – The AMAL Carburetter Company

Type 14 Remote Chambers. Z1 – Tail Lamp to Frame Bolt. GB General Gaskets and Seals. Besides carburettors for light-applications such as types and for Pedal Cycle Motors[8] Amal historically had three popular carburettor designs: Australians use carbys too. Domed Nut Bullet Pre-Unit.

Home Page – The AMAL Carburetter Company

AMAL is a British carburettor trademark. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use carburertor Privacy Policy. A – Mudguard Stay Bolt Front. Accessory Shop Engine Assembly. There are various carbs depending on the model and year of your bike, Pre-Monoblocs, Monoblocs, Mark 1 Concentric, Mark 2 Concentric and various others.


Please use the search form below to search for products in our online store. You will get one PWK 30mm carb. Throttle and Air Cables Carbrettor More. Filter Parts By Model.

The Concentric design with non-protruding float chamber carburettod both slimmer and shorter, enabling easier mounting to two-port cylinder heads. Petrol Taps Fittings and Accessories.

Forks 16 – Stainless Steel: Front Brake Link Rod Assembly. These were historically distinguishable as two types: Add more Add to Basket. O – Front Wheel Spindle Nut.