The Demolished Man [Alfred Bester] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Winner of the First Hugo Award. #14 in the Millennium SF. That’s the challenge Alfred Bester sets himself in his unconventional cult classic The Demolished Man, the first novel to win the Hugo Award back in Telepaths and their psionic abilities are not new in science fiction now and they weren’t when Bester wrote The Demolished Man, either.

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View all 8 comments. Bester’s title was Demolition!

The Demolished Man : Alfred Bester :

Number 99 was an eviscerated ceramics plant. One piece of science fiction technology injected into the mix is the police force’s Mosaic Multiplex Prosecution Computer, termed “Old Man Mose,” a 24th century stationary robot that calculates a perpetrator’s three key elements: I am arguably compelled to label this as a mystery, police, and investigative novel rather than a sci-fi book.

This turns out to be a necessary sleight of hand, but not one I appreciated. What I failed to appreciate however was how Bester chose to lay down his world building and science fiction elements, his style. Published July 8th by Millenium first published March However, counted among the social benefits is the fact that there hasn’t been a premeditated murder in many, many years since peepers can peep the intent to murder in members of society and thus prevent the murder from happening in the first place.

Be audacious, be brave, be confident and you will not fail. He is also an obsessed, driven man determined to murder a rival. The most obvious impact that Bester examines is the way in which crime and policing will be affected by the fact that a fairly large segment of the population can at least se An enjoyable story that combines a murder mystery with SF.

The Demolished Man is the first novel to win the Hugo Award, and one of the finest novels to do so. But when I add the term “-blog”the count drops to about Mar 05, Manny rated it really liked it Shelves: However, it is in the typography that he most directly does this. You are what you think.

The Demolished Man is a welcome change for those tired of modern trilogies and series. Eight, sir; seven, sir; Six, sir; five, sir; Four, sir; three, sir; Two, sir; one! Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide.


The Demolished Man by Alfred Bester

His use of interplanetary travel, for example, or extra-planetary habitats, seem poorly thought out. Action and more action – enough unexpected zigzags to keep any reader guessing. One interesting aspect of the novel commends it to reading, instead of, or in addition to, listening it in an audiobook, and in fact commends it to a paper read instead of a ebook read, and that is typography. A murderer will either be stopped before the crime is even committed, or apprehended immediately afterwards.

Tension, apprehension, And dissension have begun.

In the context of its time I can understand some of the misogyny inherent in the portrayal of women, though I found it awfully difficult to wade through those passages.

A battle begins between bewter as Reich hires his own to combat the invasive mind probes of the police detectives.

Bester is believed be the originator of the Green Lantern ‘ s oath “In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape mann sight…” etc.

Various other themes of the story are present in the episode Passing Through Gethsemanein particular a version of Demolition referred to as “death of personality”. I’d been calling the guy Buckson. How could this rocketeer know the airport would rather soon have to be renamed JFK? The climax and finale of the book were especially enjoyable and had elements that made me think of the best aspects of the classic Twilight Zone series Bester uses the premise for developing his future world, most of the new techologies being related to telepathic powers in part of the population.

These Telepaths take up many roles in society, such as physician and police commissioner.

Lists with This Book. She spends all of her scenes trying to get whoever she’s talking to to stick it in her.

It’s a Cosmic Game, and the stakes are the survival of the species, not simply the fate of Ben Reich: Corporations use them to screen job applicants and protect technological secrets. Jo Walton has said that The Demolished Man is shaped by Freudian psychology, comparing it to The Last Battle ‘ s relation to Christianityand emphasizing that the resolution of the plot only makes sense in a Freudian context: Books by Alfred Bester.

CS1 German-language sources de Demilished articles with plot summary needing attention from December All Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention. And how did the murderer got away from the murder without revealing the truth that he had committed the murder? I can’t, though, let this book go without saying that its misogyny makes it really hard to enjoy. The Demolished Man – Alfred Bester.


Also, in its portrayal of s America, not to be overlooked by more general alfrde. In murder is virtually impossible, but one man is about to change that Reich’s tortured mental state is unknown to Reich himself so Powell does not suspect that the motive for the murder was something other than financial.

It isn’t just that the only women in the book are just around to want the men, who are allowed to want other things besides the women.

Description In the yearguns are only museum pieces and benign telepaths sweep the minds of the populace to detect crimes before they happen. It could have been amazing – the conception is strong, but fails on account of the clumsy, unbelievable narration.

The fourth lady you meet in this book is an oversexed society lady who has an obscene body sculpted by pneumatic surgery. The plot is pure mystery, if you don’t mind a mystery where you witness the crime and then jump perspectives between that of the killer and the detective who is chasing him.

Though successful in all these fields, he is best remembered for his science fiction, including The Demolished Man, winner of the inaugural Hugo Award ina story about murder in a future society where the police are telepathic, and The Stars My Desti Alfred Bester was an American science fiction author, TV and radio scriptwriter, magazine editor and scripter for comic strips and comic books.

Mining the Genre Asteroid: The Demolished Man by Alfred Bester

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Tate learns that he will be there for one night, coinciding with one of Maria’s notorious parties. Way Station by Clifford D.