Lg 50PX Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Lg 50PX Owner’s Manual, Specification. Plasma monitor User manual 1 of 2 details for FCC ID BEJ50PXUA made by LG Electronics USA. Document Includes User Manual 50PXU Get LG Electronics 50PX User guide. Get all LG Electronics manuals!.

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LG Electronics 50PX : Owners manual

Record the model number and serial number of the TV. Sign in Sign Out: It is available to use this Return to Netcast menu. Wet a soft cloth in a mixture oflukewarm water and a little fabric softener or dish washing detergent.

The digital channel signal includes information for the current time provided by the broadcasting station. On-screen Menus Selection Select the desired movie title.

LG 50PX950 Owner’s Manual

Picture Size aspect Ratio Control You can watch the popular video in real time. Highresolution digital television broadcastand playback system composed ofroughly a million or more pixels, This TV might not For further information, contact http: In case of the LAN cable, install as shown to reduce the electromagnetic wave. After adjustment, if the image is still The screen is reset automatically after 5 minutes in Demo Mode. To connect additional equipment, see the ExternalEquipment Setup section.


Viewing can beblocked by choosing the type of the program and the categories.

The Software Update function may not work properly depending on your internet environment. The default setting is to allow all programs to be viewed. Playing back shared contentsYou can display and play movie, photo and music content stored on your computer or other DLNAmedia servers. This set is programmed to remember which option it was last set to even if you switch the set off. MP3 may contain copyright restrictions. The most general screen display status.

Contributor represents that, except as disclosed pursuant to Section 3. The precise terms and conditions for copying, distributionand modification follow.

LG 50PX950 Manuals

When running Auto Tuning in Manuao cable mode, selecting Full will search through all frequencies tofind available channels. The program contains two or more audio services.

And when you press the OK button again, it will appear again. Depending on the media server, this TV may need to get the permission fromthe server. If you select 3D mode, Power indicator is turned off 50ps950.

Adjust noise of the screen. Select the preset value in the Thechildren rating does not apply to other TV programs. And TV should beswitched off using the power switch on the TV if it will not be watched for some time, as this willreduce energy consumption.


The fixed imagemay become permanently imprinted on thescreen; use a screen saver when possible.

manuual Command Reference List If you want to re-scan available media server, press blue colour button. Sound Mode lets you enjoy the best sound without any Special adjustment as the TV sets the appropriate sound options based on the programme content.

Doyou want to connect with theprevious setting? The best rated videos list from YouTube server will be displayed. Select a programme1orSelect desired programme.

LG 50PX Product Support :Manuals, Warranty & More | LG Panama

Space Opens an empty Sound output can be selected according to the type of broadcast received. You can register users with the pictures you want as friends. This displays the signal information and service name of the selected MUX. Hd Receiver 50pxx950 Would you like to download now?