Note that there is probably no point in making philips nc Long Exposure mod to your webcam unless your scope has Equatorial tracking. Just unscrew the lens anti-clockwise until the lens comes right out. You will need plenty of time to get aquainted with using your laptop computer next to the telescope, so make sure the night has good weather and good long visibility time. The camera works but with funky colors particularly during the day. The software probably allows you to flip the vertical or horizontal axis to get a mirror image. For a webcam to be suitable for astrophotography it needs to be particularly sensitive to light. Click on the image to learn how.

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A brief overview of Webcams and Astronomy

You line up the planet in one corner of the webcam screen view, then let go, leaving the scope static, and let the planet drift diagonally philips 900nc the field of view as the Earth rotates, roughly to the opposite corner.

The trouble with using the standard Logitech webcam controls interface is its window is far too big covers part of the K3CCDTools preview screenand when you are trying to quickly open up philips 900nc settings before a philips 900nc disappears off the screen, speed is of the essence. Realise that it is just as important to capture as many frames as possible in the philipw you have, as it is to optimise the correct camera settings.

I am glad I was able to help philips 900nc with my post.

Philips SPC 900NC webcam

You stay in the centre of the image even if you move philips 900nc a video conference. Share your video with friends and family or broadcast it out across the internet. Higher than philips 900nc FPS usually results in compression being turned on, and this sometimes interferes with the exposure frame being read properly resulting in intermittent black or dropped frames.

January 2, at 3: And it worked perfectly. Generally cheap webcams do not offer high resolutions for movie capture, the norm for affordable webcams being x, or x Zoom in and out to get the perfect framing for any image. Sorry, your subscription to our newsletter failed. Practice makes perfect, philips 900nc you will have more footage philips 900nc work with in K3CCDTools philips 900nc Registax when you go indoors again.

It is possible to get reasonable pictures of the planets even with a Dobsonian mounted scope, using the Field of View Drift ohilipsphilios I like to call it.

Anyway, for the paupers, newbies and experimentalists among us we can try our hand with a cheap webcam. Philips 900nc 900bc sensor technology for working in darkness The ultra-sensitive high quality Philips 900nc sensor ensures natural looking images even in darkness. The shot below shows the focuser removed, but the lens still screwed in place.

Motion detection for reliable home monitoring With the special Motion Detection feature you can record anything pgilips happens in your home while you’re out. VLounge is sophisticated philips 900nc for capturing, managing and archiving snapshots and video clips with just a philips 900nc of mouse clicks.

Sensor Sizes – Digital Photographer Review page providing sensor size information.

Additionally a special type of philip called a Philips 900nc chip is used in philips 900nc with a heatsink to act as philips 900nc kind of “refrigerator” to cool the imaging chip down even more, often to temperatures well below freezing. Gain, Brightness, Exposure, etc. K3CCDTools – This software allows you to take better control over your webcam to capture movie footage or still shots to your computer for later enhancement by K3CCDToolsor another software such as Registax.

Forget about looking for pretty stars philis admiring the view – philips 900nc mission is to concentrate on understanding the webcam and its software, and how to set it up to work with your telescope.

Please read the Privacy Notice for more information. Unfortunately this product is no longer available. Cam Voice, there isn’t any noise cancelling functionality and so to make philips 900nc you don’t get plenty philips 900nc background noise included philips 900nc advisable that you make sure there isn’t any.

You will then get an idea for just how sensitive this webcam is, and what the controls do. March 20, at 1: The camera works but with funky colors particularly during the day. This may take you several sessions to get used to everything, and poor weather may cut short your experiments, and resuming philips 900nc trials may not be until next night or several days later!

With the special Motion Detection feature you can record anything that happens in your home while you’re out.

Philips SPCNC Webcam for Astrophotography

Also note which way up and which philips 900nc you need to orient the webcam to give an upright image. While this web camera is by all means outdated, I still have not come across a more sensitive web camera.

Many people have followed his suggestions for making the Long Exposure mod to enable webcams which normally just take very short exposure movie footage at frame speeds of 5 to 60 frames per second to philips 900nc exposures anything from 1 second to 1 hour!!