Page 39 , Paper jam in the sheet tray Meaning A paper jam has occurred in the sheet tray. Generally, the turn on the printer while pressing options made available in this menu group are and holding Skew is caused by a sheet being fed through the printer while misaligned. If the lines are parallel and match the two intended ghost images, the Form Type may be incorrectly set. Usb On—The printer processes raw binary PostScript print jobs from computers using the Macintosh operating system. Page , Rotate the assembly, and unplug the remaining cables.

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When replacing the controller card, make sure to route all of the cables through the correct shield opening.

Disconnect the exit sensor cable from J11 on the controller card.

Page Notice the direction of the points on the edge. PageAssembly 4: Models There are two models covered in this manual: Improvements or changes in the products or the programs described may be made at any time. Notices And Safety InformationNotices and safety 452 The following laser notice labels may be affixed to this printer as shown: Remove the auto comp clutch.

Too many options attached Meaning This message refers to too many flash options. This is a precaution for personal safety and to prevent damage to the printer. Operator Panel Removal Warning: Auto Comp RemovalAuto comp 4152 Remove the duplex.

Lexmark Model 4512 Laser Printer E250dn Monochrome

See The printer operator panel displays light patterns describing the current state of the printer and indicates possible printer problems that must be resolved. Fuser Removal Remove the two screws A and the one machine screw B that secures the ground cable. The printer will not print any more pages until the photoconductor kit is replaced. Paper jams as a printed job exits the printer Meaning A paper jam has occurred as the print media is exiting the printer.

Loosen the four screws, and slide.


The photoconductor kit is full and must be replaced. ConnectorsConnectors System board Connector Pin no.

Align it to the frame or use the same position as the removed printhead. To print the manual completely, please, download it.

Service error codes 9xx Error Description Engine software service errors 45122 Unplug the cable from J4 on the controller card. Read the following before handling electronic parts. Print defects guide Page 1 of 1 Print defects guide Defects often repeat down a page. The Configuration menu group contains a set of menus, settings and operations which are 2. Disconnect the thermistor cable above the fuser.

– Lexmark EDN Laser Printer – TechPartsWarehouse

Look at the nap of the tire, and orient the tire for highest friction when picking the paper. Disconnect the cable from J6 on the controller card. Chapters Table Of Contents Page 59Service error codes 9xx Continued Error Description Page of Go. Remove the one screw above the reversing solenoid.

Page 95Tilt the front cover down, and disconnect it on the left side from the link. PagePaper input and duplex sensor removal Ldxmark the duplex unit.

A user default setting remains in effect until it is changed or has restored the factory default settings.