The only exception are links to CDMage, which is only hosted on a certain website and is needed to make certain POPStarter game backups work. If you wish to introduce a bot to our subreddit that may help with things e. Great quality camera as well. Not to mention it has really fast download speeds its easy to use and free,. Links to certain websites will always be automatically removed. Let us know if you get it working — email iplayplaystation. I just want to say I huge thank you to iPlayPlayStation.

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Safe as you like! WOW, thats pretty amazing. My friend bought a 50 pounds webcam yeserday which is why i started wondering if this would work — lo and behold, now I can mock him cos mine is namtaj quality and I only paid 20 quid for it a few years ago! Just wondering is there a way how to install namtai eyetoy get rid of the red light? Thanks m8 dunno wat id do without you. It works better eyftoy many cameras you can buy on the market.

Work in messeger too. Perfect, the quality of the image is very good, i wish i knew that before buying my extra expensive webcam T-T.

Thank you a lot! A driver with a plug and play character. It worked fast and good thanks alot. Want to add to the discussion? Man this thing is the illest it has a mic an everything i love it and it give the best nsmtai quality. Let us know if you get it working — email how to install namtai eyetoy. Open and extract the drivers to a folder on your hard drive. For what are you going to use the program?


Articles Forums Latest Search Wiki. We need more people like you writing tutorials. You saved me a bunch of money cause i was going to buy a webcam: I can always use it simply with relative ease.

Hats off to you my friend. The wizard how to install namtai eyetoy prompt you with a warning dialog as shown below. If you get image flickering, you can always uninstall the driver through the “Device Master” and then perform this installation procedure again. You can double click on the ZIP insyall to see the content.

Namtai Eyetoy SLEH / SCEH (free) – Download latest version in English on phpnuke

I’m having trouble getting windows to install the drivers, and i have turned off driver certificates any tips? Thank you so how to install namtai eyetoy for the help, it worked wonderfully. This is really the best — it is working great — thank you very much — crystal clear flicker free image — easy installation and good manual.

No 64 bit drivers YET. The screen shot shows an example of the selection dialog hlw output. This affects any games that use the service to authenticate for online play how to install namtai eyetoy first and third party servers.

Save the driver file using the same name. I have got my daughters Eyetoy working on the laptop. Or just use some tape to cover it up. Use the “Browse” button to find the folder that you extracted from the driver you downloaded. Fantastic quality thanks alot namati tha instructions they r a great help keep up tha gud efforts of helping people out with things like this.

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